Social enterprise launches podcasts celebrating strong women

The series of podcasts to celebrate the achievements of women has been produced by social enterprise MIC and backed by the charity The Pankhurst Trust.

Joe Lepper | 13th Aug 19
Image from the new podcast series by social enterprise MIC and backed by the charity The Pankhurst Trust.

A social enterprise set up to produce social change podcasts has launched a series of episodes to celebrate the achievement of women in their local communities.

The Strong Manchester Women series is being released by podcasting social enterprise MIC and supported by the charity The Pankhurst Trust, which focuses on women’s rights and is named after suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Manchester City Council is also backing the podcast series.

Dr Tessa Chynoweth, Curator at the Pankhurst Centre said: “Manchester has a history of very strong women: women who were forces to be reckoned with, who started movements, smash glass ceilings, and stand up for their rights.

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“We’re so pleased to support this podcast and show the world the latest Manchester heroes.”

Sarah Judge, a Councillor for Manchester City Council and Lead Member for Women added: “The women profiled in the campaign and podcast are normal women like you and me, women you may not have heard of before.

“With women’s rights and issues by no means solved, I hope the Strong Manchester Women campaign can inspire more women to rise up and make a difference, no matter who they are, or where they come from.”

Under represented voices

Each episode features a conversation with an inspiring woman who is making a difference in their community. This includes gardner Dena Murphy, boxer Stacey Copeland and local politician Lynne Rodsdale.

Also featured is Helen Brown, founder of On The Out, which supports prisoners when they are released.

Each episode is free and released weekly via Apple and Google podcasts as well as Spotify.

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MIC founder Vic Elizabeth Turnbull said: “The mission of MIC is to amplify under represented voices and talent in podcasts and the podcast industry.

“The idea is for everyone to be able to tap into the power of podcasts, whether as a contributor, maker or consumer.

“I’m excited to be working with a range of community groups, social good organisations and podcast industry partners to achieve this.”