Charities Trust revamps operations with cloud platform

Donations management charity The Charities Trust has adopted the Appian Platform to improve its donations and fund management systems.

Joe Lepper | 6th Aug 19
cloud software

The Charities Trust has overhauled its operations and customer service technology to bring in a cloud based management platform.

The fundraising management charity has announced that it has taken on the Appian Platform, a low code business process management cloud platform, to improve its donations and fund management systems.

The term low code is used to describe a software and design application that aims at being faster and uses minimal hand coding.

Lee Blackburn, Chief Technology Offier at Charities Trust, said, “We have earned a trusted reputation at the heart of corporate giving, and we want to extend that as we transform into the digital future. Appian allows us the flexibility to remain unique in our business offerings, and the power to personalise our service for our clients and donors.”

The new system is streamlining areas such as long term relationships, visibility and responsiveness for charities across mobile and other online devices.

Paul Maguire, Senior Vice President EMEA at Appian, added, “Charities, like all other industries, operate in an increasingly competitive and complex market, and they must remain agile and adaptable to change. Appian empowers organisations from all sectors to deliver on their digital transformation goals.”

The Charities Trust hands out more than £100m in charitable donations each year, supporting around 50,000 charities over the last decade. It also supports more than 1,000 businesses and their staff to manage their giving to good causes.

Charities turning to the cloud

Other charities to embrace cloud based technology to overhaul their organisation include Christian Aid, which in May brought in mobile app Ceridian Dayforce to manage elements of its human resources function.

In April, Merseyside Youth Association switched to a cloud based phone system to reduce costs and also to get ahead of BT’s ISDN switch off in 2025. The charity adopted the ISTRA cloud system that has been developed by communications firm Centile.