The Smiley Network matches charities with people who can be of help

Members of the public can offer their skills to charities and find causes they want to get involved with via a new social network.

Guest Writer | 31st Jul 19
Image of smiling face representing the Smiley Network

A new charity social network called The Smiley Network aims to work as a matchmaker between charities and people who can volunteer legal, marketing, accounting, and other skills that theses charities may require. It can also match members of the public to causes, charities and social enterprises they feel most passionate about wanting to help.

The social network has been launched by The Smiley Movement, a non-profit that aims to tackle the big issues in society by matching the people and organisations who can help solve problems with others that need solutions. It was founded by Nicolas Loufrani, the chief executive of the Smiley Company, a global business which licenses the iconic yellow Smiley symbol.

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The Smiley Movement also plans to run a series of nationwide town hall events – called “Smiley Talks” – featuring people telling personal stories relating to subjects including marginalisation, social injustice, and gaps in social care, and including moderated panel discussions with local leaders and community figures.

“Our mission is to create the technology and events that enable communities to act on issues important to them, Loufrani explains. “We want to help them start up, scale up and reach more people. The Smiley Movement exists for everyone who wishes to give back.”

The first Smiley Talk was held in Brighton last month, featuring contributions from local MP Caroline Lucas.