Instagram launches donation stickers for charities

The donation sticker allows charities and their supporters to set up 24-hour fundraisers in Instagram Stories.

Guest Writer | 30th Jul 19
Image showsscreenshot of new Instagram donation stickers

Charities and their supporters in the UK can now create 24-hour fundraising campaigns in Instagram Stories using a new Instagram donation sticker with 100% of the money raised going to the charity concerned.

Any Instagram user who views the fundraiser can click on the donation sticker to give to the charity without ever leaving Instagram. There are currently an estimated 24 million Instagram users in the UK.

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“All over the world people are using Instagram to raise awareness of the causes that matter to them,” says Instagram’s Tara Hopkins. “Now with donation stickers for Instagram Stories, people have a really easy way to support these causes, while also directly raising money. With 100% of all money raised going straight to the organisation, the Instagram donation sticker should be a valuable tool for the charity sector.”

To mark the launch, celebrities and nonprofits have teamed up to be among the first to use donation stickers. These include Fearne Cotton and CoppaFeel!, Tom Daley and The Brain Tumour Charity, Chessie King and The Cybersmile Foundation, and Zoe Sugg and Mind.

Anyone can start a fundraiser on Instagram using the donation sticker to support an eligible charity. To become eligible, charities must first sign up for Facebook Charitable Giving Tools and Facebook Payments. The charity’s Instagram profile must also be linked to its Facebook Page, and the Instagram profile must also be converted to a Business Profile.

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To make it easier for people and communities to raise money, Facebook’s Social Impact team builds free tools to help nonprofits reach new audiences and raise funds.  The Instagram donation sticker builds on the technology that was created for Facebook’s donate features, including the ability to add a donate button to posts, Facebook Live videos and nonprofit pages.




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