Girlguiding reveals popularity of new digital skills badges for girls

Youth charity Girlguiding has had impressive takeup of its new digital badges for girls, including vlogging and coding, with support from Google.

Chloe Green | 29th Jul 19
Image credit: Girlguiding

Some of the most popular new badges for Girl Guides include Digital Design, Vlogging and communicating a Personal Brand, the charity has revealed.

Over 2 million new activities have been completed by girls in the first year of Girlguiding’s new programme of badges, which include many new and updated skills for the digital age and better reflect modern-day life.

The new badge programme, with 600 new activites overall, has been phased in over the past twelve months. From September 2019, only the new badges and activities will be on offer.

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Partners including Google, who co-created the Digital Design badge, have helped shape the new digital curriculum for Girl Guides.

The Digital Design badge does not involve coding but focuses on what to think about when developing a new app, website or game, including researching user needs, planning the user journey, testing and using feedback to improve their design, with the option to take it further with real coding.

It is hoped that the new digital activities will help encourage and inspire more girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related careers. The latest figures show that women make up just 14.4% of all people working in STEM occupations.


Digital citizens

Girlguiding is just one children’s charity helping young people get ahead with digital skills. The Scout Association has recently developed a curriculum for its new ‘Digital Citizen’ badge, in acknowledgement of the digital world which young people navigate.

To develop the new curriculum for the badge, The Scouts and internet infrastructure company Nominet engaged digital research agency Unthinkable to embark on a four-month study into what it means to be a Digital Citizen in 2019.

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“We believe that helping young people develop their digital skills in a responsibile, fun and safe way is a key to preparing them for a brighter future,” states the charity on its website.

The digital maker badge also gives young people the opportunity to develop their digital skills through a hands on approach, from learning about coding to making robots.