Online films promote rescue dogs

Activity by the Dogs Trust includes the release of 27 online films and a social media push to celebrate adopting rescue dogs.

Joe Lepper | 18th Jul 19

The Dogs Trust has created a series of online films to promote rescue dog ownership and encourage people to adopt not shop for a pet.

The are 27 films being released, on Youtube and the charity’s website, including one about a smuggled puppy called Tiny Tim and older rescue dogs such as Dasher, who has now passed away, but had been found as a stray before enjoying his last few months with a new owner.

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Another features the rescue dog Ginny who has been adopted by Richard Littledale, a Baptist Minister whose wife Fiona had died. This highlights the positive impact pets can have on their owner’s life.

“When Fiona died, I plunged into a grief I had never known, said Richard.

“When I found Ginny at Dogs Trust in a way it felt like we were both on a journey together. I was helping her to trust me and enjoy new experiences and she was helping me to embrace life again. It’s been a wonderful hobby to take photos of all the simple ways we spend time together through the seasons. I think in many ways she has rescued me!”

Social media activity

Other digital activity includes encouraging social media users to share their rescue dog stories using #MyDogIsForLife and tagging the @dogstrust.

Adam Clowes, Dogs Trust’s Operations Director, added: “As a dog owner myself I know that when the days are warm and the evenings long, looking after our dogs is a lot easier than in the dark days of winter. Therefore, it’s understandable that as people take time off work and the children are off school, getting a dog is something many people consider.

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“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has adopted a Dogs Trust dog, and as we approach the busy summer months we also want to encourage people who would like a dog to be part of their family, to do lots of research in advance. That will help give owners the best chance of being able to share many happy years together with their four-legged friend.

“Our dogs will always be part of the Dogs Trust family so it’s wonderful to see them in their forever homes, living the lives they deserve to live, with owners who adore them.”

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