Comic Relief taps into tech to improve diversity

The charity has turned to an online recruitment platform to ensure that it is improving inclusivity and diversity in its career application process.

Joe Lepper | 18th Jul 19

Comic Relief is using an online recruitment platform to encourage diversity in its job application process.

The platform called Applied uses behavourial science methodology to ensure that the charity is attracting a diverse and inclusive range of candidates.

It is also using technology to optimise senior staff members’ time in searching for and interviewing  candidates.

The platform has already improved diversity and inclusion in its hiring process, according to Comic Relief.

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In addition, the system is helping Comic Relief see where candidates are finding out about job opportunities at the charity and also assisting managers ensure the assessment process promotes diversity.

Ensuring recruitment is diverse

Charlotte Hillenbrand, Comic Relief’s Executive Director of Digital & innovation, said: “Our hiring can be more strategic and focused. In addition, we can plan how and where we’re searching for talent across many different communities, job forums, regions or universities, so that our recruitment is diverse and ensures we get the best people for the roles available.”

Comic Relief’s Recruitment Manager Charlotte Cole added: “With the new applicant tracking system, our colleagues are finding it easier to assess a candidate’s potential.”

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“Applied enables us to ask specific role-related questions in the application process. This lets us focus on the candidate’s skills, rather than trying to connect the dots between a cover letter and a CV and risking our own unconscious bias contributing to decision making.

“By only interviewing candidates that have demonstrated the combination of skills we are looking for, we find that our interviews are much more satisfying for candidates and managers and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate, from candidate to employee.”