New eBook released to help organisations find grant giving software

A new four-step guide to the process of choosing a grant management solution looks at the strategic areas a grant-giving organisation should consider in their software procurement.

Chloe Green | 9th Jul 19
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Click here to read the free eBook ‘How to Choose a Grant Management Solution’.

A new four-step guide to help grant making organisations streamline their grant management programmes has been released by charity software partner Blackbaud Europe.

The eBook Choosing a Grant Management Solution has been designed specifically to help organisations that give grants identify their technology needs and streamline their strategic giving programmes – from automating the application process for grantees and streamlining review processes, to consolidating grant data for better decision making and impact visualisation.

The eBook covers four strategic areas that a successful software project should consider:


1. Gathering requirements

The guide starts out outlining by the steps an organisation should take when scoping out their technology needs, considering both current working practices and pain points, such as siloed data and manual application/approval processes, considering them alongside what the business will need in future.

2. Building a business case

New software implementations are significant strategic decisions. A strong business case ensures internal stakeholders from multiple business functions can agree priorities and objectives before vendors are approached.

3.Vendor evaluation

The vendor evaluation section looks at the six basic steps an organisation should take when evaluating vendors, and five key areas to consider in addition to software functionality – from establishing a partnership to commitmenting to continuous improvement.

4. Selection and implementation

Once a preferred vendor has been selected, what five steps, from planning to end-user training, should organisations take ahead of going live with a new solution?


Speaking on release of the eBook, Gregor McCall, Charity Solutions Consultant at Blackbaud Europe, said: “As philanthropy evolves, grant makers are under increasing pressure to share the difference they’re making and the outcomes they’re driving. The right Grant Management Solution can help organisations run their grant programmes smoothly and effectively, and help grant givers work in more strategic, transparent and outcome-oriented ways.”

“Our four-step guide to choosing a Grant Management Solution is designed to help organisations find the solution that streamlines their current working practices, consolidates their data, and drives more impact for both grantees and partners alike.”

You can read the full eBook online now.

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