Interest in online register of charities surges

The Charity Commission’s 2018/2019 annual report shows that its online register of charities attracted more than 38 million views.

Joe Lepper | 8th Jul 19

Views of the Charity Commission’s online register of charities rose by six million over the last year.

The regulator’s latest annual report shows that in 2018/19 the online service received more than 38 million views, which is up from 32 million the previous year.

The report says the increase in interest for the online register of charities “demonstrates the huge and growing public appetite for information about charities.”

The Charity Commission’s annual report also delivers the latest figures on how this online service is being cleaned to improve accuracy and develop the way it looks on screen.

This has involved removing charities that no longer exist, with 4,812 charities removed in 2018/19, compared to 4,360 the previous year.

Regional campaigning

Another piece of digital work cited in the report includes a March 2019 initiative to encourage people in the North West of England to check the online register before they give to charity. This involved social media campaigning as well as through broadcast media and lobbying of politicians.

The report adds: “We made several improvements to our online services, designed to make it easier for charities to engage with us where they need to. In this context, we consider that charities are entitled to expect good customer service.”

“We have revised a number of the ‘user journeys’ that customers go on to access our services. For example, we have simplified the process for charities transferring assets to a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation; it is now clearer when the Commission’s authority is required, and how charities can apply to receive that authority from us.”