How your charity can do data on a budget – Video

Our latest video from the 2019 Charity Digital Tech Conference looks at practical tips for charities on a strict budget to collect and make the best of data to drive their impact.

Chloe Green | 8th Jul 19
Image of Kate White and Sorrel Parsons from Superhighways

How can charities get started collecting the data that will inform service improvement and help them achieve real change?

You can find out by catching up with the video below from the 2019 Charity Digital Tech Conference: ‘Data capture for smarter mission delivery’ by Superhighways Manager Kate White and Digital Advisor and Training Manager Sorrel Parsons.

Superhighways offers advice, training and IT support to help small charities and community organisations be more effective, raise their profile and demonstrate their impact using digital technology.

The seminar teaches practical skills for charities working on a small budget (or no budget at all), showcasing the best tools available to capture the data charities need.

Watch the video to discover how to ensure you’re getting the most robust and credible and genuine data, what to ask for, and how to ask for it, with tips on the cost-effective data gathering tools you may not know about.

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