Charity Digital: a glimpse of our exciting future plans for charities

Now that Tech Trust has rebranded to Charity Digital, we take a look at where we’ve come from and what’s next down the road for our services.

Chloe Green | 5th Jul 19
Image of computer screen with 'what's next' on it

Last week, we announced that our parent organisation has changed its name from Tech Trust to Charity Digital – the same valuable services for the UK charity sector, but under a new name.

The name change comes about from the need to unify all the services we run for charities under one consistent brand. These are:

  • Charity Digital News: Your source for news, insight and expert advice on driving your charity’s mission with digital technology.
  • Charity Digital Jobs: The only UK jobs board dedicated to digital roles in the non-profit sector, run in partnership with leading charity recruitment agency Prospectus.
  • Charity Digital Exchange (formerly tt-exchange): The UK charity sector’s place to grab bargain donated and discounted software and hardware from tech partners including Microsoft, AWS, Adobe and many more. (We’re the UK arm of global charity tech programme Tech Soup)
  • Charity Digital Mail (formerly tt-mail): Bespoke email marketing for charities, with specialist pricing and support.
  • Charity Digital Payments (formerly tt-payments): Tailored payment solutions for charities, from Direct Debit processing to charity lotteries.

But the change of name and a new logo is just the first step.

A little bit about our history: as you can see from our timeline infographic, since being founded in 2001 we’ve gone through many evolutions (from the Charity Technology Trust, to Technology, to Tech Trust and finally Charity Digital). We’ve seen our services grow in scope and size, forged many new partnership with the technology vendors charities need to be connected with, and helped the charity sector save money (over £250m so far, to be precise) by giving them access to the best tech donations and deals.

But this next step is by far the biggest change we’ll have ever undergone.

Times are changing- the digital world is constantly moving and charities of all sizes and kinds need to keep up if they want to secure their future and keep on doing the great work they do. As the Charity Digital Code of Practice states: “Digital skills will help charities increase their impact, efficiency and sustainability. Digital is essential for charities to be relevant and to fulfil their purpose in the digital age.”

We want more charities than ever to be able to access the digital services, products and knowledge that will keep them afloat in an increasingly digital world. So we are always looking to drive our own mission forward of ensuring that every UK charity continues to grow the tools and the confidence they need to make digital tech work for them.

From Autumn 2019 we will present a new platform for Charity Digital and its services. This will:

  • Centralise all our services (including Charity Digital News) under one digital ‘roof’ that enables charities to find and access everything we do much more easily.
  • Improve how charities can find out about and access the many great software and hardware donations and deals available to them.
  • Improve the way that charities can interact with us, each other and the wider charity and tech communities, opening up opportunities to collaborate and learn from others.
  • Deliver a whole new programme of useful, engaging content through Charity Digital News, including webinars, videos, podcasts, eBooks and more.
  • Give charities a wealth of practical ‘food for thought’ through expert advice, insights into the world of tech and the important issues impacting the sector, and inspiring success stories from charities big and small.

Watch this space- we’re excited to enter the next phase of our journey helping charities with digital.

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