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We want to understand what CRM means to your organisation, why it works or doesn’t work and how we can break down the barriers to digital transformation for charities.

Chloe Green | 27th Jun 19
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Our recent study of Charity Digital’s UK charity database found that only 26% have ever used CRM software. This is surprising considering just how varied and useful a tool it can be within a non-profit setting, as Zak Kaufman from charity data experts Vera Solutions demonstrated in our recent video from the 2019 Charity Digital Tech Conference.

Help us out by taking our short, five minute survey here.

In the non-profit sector, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These systems can be full-featured or streamlined to just one or two processes that a charity carries out (such as fundraising), and range in affordability.

Having a CRM platform in place allows charities to build and manage long-term relationships with contacts such as donors, supporters and volunteers, process and track donations, automate marketing campaigns, manage events and more. CRM systems combine huge amounts of data into one portal, giving charities visibility on many of their operations to drive efficiency and scrutinise the effectiveness of campaigns.

In previous articles we’ve looked at how charities can choose the right system based on their needs, and have explained the differences in set-up between a dedicated CRM system and a donor management system. We showcased and compared a range of recommended systems for small-medium sized charities, and explored some of the pitfalls for charities to consider in the CRM implementation stage.

But it’s time to revisit what making an impact through data and CRM systems means for charities and there they are in need of more support.

We’re launching a quick survey that aims to shed more light on the topic for 2019 – and you can be involved.

The survey takes under five minutes to complete and will help us serve charities the best information and advice on sourcing, using and making the most of the CRM software to drive their missions. Your insight is much appreciated to help ensure the content on Charity Digital News is as useful as possible for charity readers of all kinds.

Help us out by taking our short, 5-minute survey here.


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