Bafta award winner helps raise funds to protect children

Molly Windsor, who won the 2018 Bafta for best actress, is among supporters of child protection charity Safe and Sound.

Joe Lepper | 26th Jun 19

Bafta award winning actress Molly Windsor is fronting a YouTube push to help raise funds and awareness of child protection charity Safe and Sound.

The Derbyshire-based charity has launched its Butterfly Appeal, which involves a year of funding and awareness raising work focusing on those affected by sexual exploitation.

This includes the launch of a Youtube video featuring Molly Windsor explaining why she is supporting the work of the charity. Windsor is an ambassador for the charity and won the Bafta for best actress in 2018 for her portrayal of one of the victims in the Three Girls drama, which is based on the Rochdale child sexual exploitation scandal.

An additional video about the campaign launch is also available on Youtube. This has a focus on young people’s experiences and why local businesses and people in Derbyshire should support the charity.

Further social media activity centres around the #BuildingStrongerWings hashtag.

Outreach programme among services

Money raised will help fund a new outreach programme, support for families of victims, youth work programme, psychology therapy as well as long-term support as survivors move into adulthood.

Safe and Sound chair Catherine Arkley said: “Sexual exploitation is a hidden, heinous crime. Young people often don’t understand that they are being exploited or are too scared and possibly ashamed to tell anyone what is happening.

“Our vision is to support young people to move not just to a place of safety, but emerge, like a butterfly, unshackled and undefined by their experiences and enabled to reach their full potential.”

At a launch event cadets with Derbyshire Police handed out information and branded mugs to further promote the charity.