Avast offers security software donations for charities

Security software firm Avast is the latest to add its bargain offerings for charities to the Charity Digital Exchange platform.

Chloe Green | 21st Jun 19
Image of a padlock on a door representing security

Security software firm Avast is the latest to offer its software at a heavily discounted rate for charities on the Charity Digital Exchange platform.

Avast’s range of easy to use security software includes anti-virus, web security and content blocking for employee website usage. All of these are specifically tailoired for businesses that use multiple devices, and are available for registered charities for just the price of an admin fee.

The products are all cloud-based and come with annual, two year or three year subscriptions. Avast Business Antvirus normally costs £26.79 a year, but is being offered for only £6 + VAT.


A tool in the arsenal

With the constantly increasing sophistication of cyber criminals’ tactics and the burden of GDPR compliance it has never been more important for charities to ensure their sensitive data is guarded from risk.

In our recent webinar with the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), we delve into what charities need to do to manage the key risks to their data, with a step by step guide to putting the governments ’10 steps to cyber security in place’: go here to view the free webinar.