Social media campaign highlights plight of war-torn Yemini children

The Imperial War Museums Twitter channel features real life stories from children affected by war in Yemen.

Joe Lepper | 20th Jun 19

The Imperial War Museums and Save the Children have linked up to use social media to highlight how war in Yemen has affected children.

The move has been timed to coincide with World Refugee Day (June 20) and sees the Imperial War Museums’ Twitter channel feature the stories of three Yemeni children affected by the country’s civil war.

Their quotes and images have been sourced from Yemen by Save the Children and highlight the harsh realities faced by children in the war ravaged country.

The children’s real names have been changed for the campaign to Akram, Bushra and Noura.

“I did not enjoy my childhood as other children,” said 12-year-old Akram.

“My family did not allow me to go outside to play. The priority for us was to survive and we did not think of furniture and belongings so we left many things in Haradh, including my clothes, my bike and football. I had never begged before; I remember the first day was difficult for me.”

Real-life experiences

Laura MacDonald, Head of Digital Content at Imperial War Musuems (IWM), said: “Akram, Bushra and Noura’s stories really demonstrate the ways in which children have been caught-up in Yemen’s conflict and crisis.

“By highlighting the very real experiences faced by these, and other, children living in Yemen, we hope that this digital activity changes people’s perspective on the war in Yemen and sparks conversation amongst our global audiences.”

Helena Wiltshire, Head of PR at Save the Children, added: “Through this collaboration with the IWM, we are giving these children a voice, not only allowing the children of Yemen to communicate to a global audience their urgent humanitarian needs, but by giving them a platform, we are also empowering them to be advocates of change, enabling them to lead brighter futures and fight to fulfil their own potential.”

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