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Chloe Green | 13th Jun 19
Image shows hands of different races and ethinicities in the air

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It’s no secret that people from non-white ethnicities are underrepresented in the UK charity sector. While census figures show that 14% of the population is non-white, fewer than 9% of charity sector employees are from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds. This figures trickles down to only 5.3% of people in senior leadership teams.

This is not good enough civil society should be a reflection of the society it serves and the communities that charities exist to support. But while the first step is to acknowledge the problem, we should also be turning the spotlight on the role models already out there doing great things in the charity world, particularly championing the digital innovation that is so central to the sutainability of the sector.

That’s why we’re inviting people to nominate the most inspiring BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) digital leaders in the charity sector.

Over the coming weeks we will be celebrating diversity in charity digital, asking you to help us highlight its shining stars.

We want to celebrate the leaders, CEOs, trustees, senior managers, and digital talent of all stripes from BAME backgrounds who are leading digital transformation in the charity sector and doing outstanding work.

By doing so, we hope to recognise the important role that people from diverse backgrounds are playing when it comes to driving the transformative benefits of digital innovation in the non-profit world.

This is your chance to honour a colleague or acquaintance in the sector who you think should be celebrated and featured on Charity Digital News as part of our top ten list. You can nominate anyone you think is warranted – CDN will then contact all shortlisted nominees to gain their consent to progress their nomination and gather further information.