Fundraising platform adds WhatsApp functionality

WhatsApp is the latest trend in digital fundraising, with The Good Exchange adding WhatsApp functionality to its digitial matching platform.

Chloe Green | 11th Jun 19

Online fundraising platform The Good Exchange has announced integration with online chat network WhatsApp.

The not-for-profit digital matching platform says the added functionality of WhatsApp will allow people to instantly message friends and networks about fundraising projects to drive awareness and increase visibility.

Further, the integration of WhatsApp on The Good Exchange reflects the growing trend of people using the mobile tool to communicate and share ideas. The mobile phone chat network will also help enhance charitable offers by bringing more of a ‘personal’ touch to communications.

Ed Gairdner, COO of The Good Exchange said: “Our decision to support WhatsApp integration is in recognition of the changing communications landscape, in which it has become one of the most popular apps in use across the world. Sharing fundraising information via WhatsApp brings a user-friendly, simple and instant way for everyone supporting fundraising organisations on The Good Exchange to communicate about and drive donations for the charitable activities that are closest to their hearts.”

Charities are increasingly turning to WhatsApp as a new means to communicate with supporters, help service users and organise internally.

Charity Asthma UK’s WhatsApp chat service, launched in October last year, is helping asthma patients get advice direct to their phone, and has since taken over 2,000 WhatsApp conversations.