Scout Association refreshes Digital Citizen Badge

The Scouts have further developed their Digital Citizen badge in partnership with infrastructure company Nominet.

Chloe Green | 5th Jun 19
Image of Scouts Image credit: Nominet

The Scout Association has developed a curriculum for its new ‘Digital Citizen’ badge, in acknowledgement of the digital world which young people navigate.

To develop the new curriculum for the badge, The Scouts and internet infrastructure company Nominet engaged digital research agency Unthinkable to embark on a four-month study into what it means to be a Digital Citizen in 2019.

Research from the study showed that for young people, there is no separation between the digital and real world. The findings have influenced the definition of the new digital citizenship badge. The new programme will help young people learn to navigate and be better equipped in the digital world, says The Scouts.

“With support from Nominet, through boldly applying to the field of digital the purpose and values that have always been central to the movement, the Scouts are uniquely placed to create a step change in the thinking around Digital Citizenship that should be useful for everyone,” said Matthew Shorter, director of the digital agency Unthinkable.

“The safe, responsible and ethical use of digital technology to exercise rights, support individual thriving, improve the lives of others and take positive social action in local, national and international communities.”

The new Digital Citizen Badge will base its curriculum in real life needs, goals and aspirations of young people and how technologies can help Scouts meet these dreams. The badge will also prioritise citizenship over digital, where participation in the civil society is more important.

The badge will also be place-based, to help young people feel connected to where they live and are from, rather than the internet as a separate area. Finally, the badge will also look for ways in which Digital Citizenship can align with the Scout Association’s goals and purpose.

Matt Hyde, Chief Executive of The Scout Association said: “Working with Nominet to develop our Digital Citizen badge has given us access to invaluable industry expertise and funding to create this exciting programme for young people. These new materials will support our 474,000 youth members across the UK to learn valuable digital skills, which are essential for them to succeed in our rapidly evolving society.”


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