Social media platform fundraises through good deeds

Social media platform EthicalMuch is letting people donate to charity by posting about their random acts of kindness online.

Chloe Green | 4th Jun 19
Image of woman giving out a coffee

Social media platform Ethical Much is encouraging individual, business, and charitable good deeds across the UK through a unique online fundraising model.

Members of the platform can post Good Deeds that they’ve carried out, nominating a charity to recieve a £5 donation for each deed. In return they recieve a mystery prize – from cash to free gifts, vouchers, and  real or digital goods.

Individual members who do Good Deeds post on the platform and can choose from dozens of charities to nominate. Charity members already include Oxfam, Mind and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

EthicalMuch Founder Bird Lovegod said: “EthicalMuch members can also post their good news and positive ideas, and business members can do the same. It’s a space for intelligent and ethical news and opinions. It’s a truly social media.”

“Literally, you can walk in the park, pick up litter, and raise money for environmental charities as you go. You can buy a homeless person a cup of tea and choose a charity to receive £5. EthicalMuch enables everyone to do good and turn those good deeds into significant money for charity. Members doing the Good Deeds are also rewarded with mystery prizes, discount vouchers, and goodies. Everyone wins. Our big vision is a million Good Deeds on the platform and £5million to charity as a result.”

In addition to raising money for charities, EthicalMuch also sponsors children for £25 per month. Sponsorship donations help the Christian Charity CompassionUK identify need children and families through local churches.


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