Free charity webinar: Is your HR data a GDPR risk?

Join Charity Digital News and experts from the HR industry for a free educational webinar on how to ensure your HR data stays GDPR compliant.

Chloe Green | 3rd Jun 19
Image of a lock on a keyboard with the letters 'GDPR' written on it

Go here to register for the free webinar ‘HR: the GDPR risks that could catch your charity out’ on the 20th June

One year on from GDPR, charities can learn some of the key lessons on protecting their data and reputations in a free educational webinar for charities: ‘HR: the GDPR risks that could catch your charity out.’

While many charities have been stringent about protecting the data of their beneficiary and donors, they often neglect to think about their own employee and volunteer data in the same light.

With new employee rights and regulations coming into force, it’s crucial that organisations understand how the data in their HR systems could be affected and what they need to do to avoid severe fines and reputational damage.

Launched by Charity Digital News in partnership with HR software providers Breathe, the webinar explains what charities should be aware of to avoid fines and stay compliant.

Catch the free educational webinar on 20th June at 1pm to make sure you’re in the know.


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