Conference Rewind Month: How brand management saves time and money

In the latest Charity Digital Tech Conference video, find out how big name charities are using digital to tackle the challenge of managing their brand across multiple channels.

Chloe Green | 3rd Jun 19

Just as commercial organisations are faced the challenge of presenting their brand in a way that is recognisable and consistent, charities, especially those who compete for attention online, are in the same boat. In our latest session from the 2019 Charity Digital Tech Conference, Stuart Cripps and Marcel Van Den Boogaard from Brand IQ explore how right brand management strategy can make branding easy.

Watch on to find out more about the tricky brand challenges faced by organisations such as Crisis, NCT and The Scout Association and how a digital brand management system has been key to delivering a consistent, strong brand internally and externally.

Digital solutions are driving efficiency in many areas of an organisation, and brand is no different – the experts from Brand IQ explain how the right digital solution can empower your charity’s staff and save you valuable time and budget.

Watch the video below.

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