Charity apps offered free marketing support

Mobile app marketing consultancy Yodel Mobile are offering charities the chance to improve their app marketing through its free accelerator programme.

Chrissy Chiu | 31st May 19

Charities with mobile apps are being invited to take part in a free app marketing programme which will help their app achieve its aims and grow its reach.

Yodel Mobile is a full-service app marketing consultancy which aims to effectively launch and grow apps.

Through its free programme, mobile charity apps can benefit from Yodel Mobile’s expertise around acquiring, engaging and keeping high-value customers and users. The programme’s top goals include mobile strategy, mobile search, data analytics an attribution tracking, implementation, app store optimisation (ASO), onboarding, A/B testing, mobile CRM, app review, feedback management, social medial sharing and paid user acquisition.

Yodel Mobile has said that launching innovative apps can deepen digital engagement with their activities, and, increase visibility, outreach, and interaction with the charity’s activities. But while many private sector organisations are able to invest in digitisation, charities often don’t have the resources to.

The consultancy’s hands-on approach helps charities bridge the gap between potential donors and customers with the marketing, product and development teams. The consultancy can also assist in the implementation and performance tracking. The aim of the approach is to make sure that a long-term marketing programme is successful.

Last year, the organisation worked with Breast Cancer Care App, helping the charity to ensure that the app landed in the hands of users whom most benefited from it.

Yodel Mobile has built up an expertise transforming app businesses through their advisory services as one of the early providers in app and mobile marketing. The company has to date, launched hundreds of successful mobile and app businesses and was an early mover in the app and mobile marketing space.

Charities can apply for the programme by contacting Yodel Mobile with the following details:

  • Details of the charity
  • Details of the app and its value to the wider organisation
  • Details of the current app marketing efforts
  • Details of the team managing the app/digital strategy
  • An outline of what the charity would like to target from the app consultancy expertise

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on 7th June 2019.