Conference Rewind Month: How to make migrating to the cloud easy

Kate White, Manager of Superhighways, talks through how charities can easily migrate their data, work and people to the cloud in Office 365.

Chloe Green | 28th May 19

Charity organisations are catching on to the many benefits of ditching traditional IT in favour of the cloud. But making the move can be a daunting process.

In our latest Charity Digital Tech Conference video, Kate White of charity cloud partner Superhighways gives a detailed breakdown of how charities can move to Office 365, the best subscription types to choose and the nitty gritty of moving your data and workloads.

This practical walkthrough looks at the tools and approaches and what to consider in setup, with lots of further resources for charities to go off and explore and case study examples and lessons from real life charities who have done it.

Watch the video below