Conference Rewind Month: Key principles to better communicate your data

In our video session from the Charity Digital Tech Conference, NPC’s Katy Murray looks at the principles behind creating powerful charity data visualisations.

Chloe Green | 17th May 19
Image of Katy Murray, NPC, during her talk on data visualisation at the Charity Digital Tech Conference

Charity data visualisations are increasingly being used to communicate quickly and accessibly with different audiences, from the public to the trustee board.

In our latest video session from the Charity Digital Tech Conference, Katy Murray from NPC explains  the principles behind how to craft successful data visualisations that can be powerful vehicles for charities to tell their most important stories.

The session breaks down what makes a data visualisation effective, providing charities with some useful ways of structuring their approach and signposting some of the best tools to help.

Watch the video below:

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