Salesforce launches grant management system

Salesforce has launched a complete CRM and grants management solution in a single package.

Chloe Green | 16th May 19

CRM giant has announced the launch of a CRM and grants management solution for grant applicats and grantmakers in a single package.

The new system, foundationConnect, offers grantmakers the ability to track and manage the whole lifecycle of giving from eligibility to application, review, evaluation, distribution and real-time results.

Processes are now all in one place, so grantmakers can process and manage stakeholders including board members, reviewers, applicants, grantees and other partners.

With the new system, grant applicants can seek out and apply for grants while communicating with the philanthropic organisation’s staff, with the ability to manage and store all information relating to their grant application in a central place.

It also offers reviewers outside of the granting body a way to look at applications and provide commentary.

Prominent US grantmakers are already using the system including the Commonwealth Fund, The William Penn Foundation and New York State Health Foundation, to manage their grants management process end-to-end. The system is now generally available.

“As a grantmaker providing more than $260M in grants to support tech for social change, future-ready leaders, and community engagement, is deeply committed to transforming the nature of philanthropy and we understand the challenges that grant-makers face,” said Rob Acker, CEO, Salesforce.



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