Conference Rewind Month: How tech can help win the ‘war for talent’

Clear Review Founder Stuart Hearn looks at the changing role of HR in the charity sector and how tech is helping charities make the best of their workforce.

Chloe Green | 10th May 19
Image of Stuart Hearn, Clear Review

Charities, just as much as any other sector, are in a ‘war for talent’ as they compete to attract and keep the best and brightest people to drive their missions forward.

But the rapid pace of tech in the workplace has led to changing expectations for staff and volunteers. Charities face the challenge of keeping people productive while at the same time putting the emphasis on transparency, wellbeing and good mental health in the workplace.

At the Charity Digital Tech Conference, Stuart Hearn, founder of employee performance and development software company Clear Review explains how new approaches to HR are helping charities adapt to this new world and not be left behind.

Watch the video below.


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