New NCSC webinar helps charities plan their cyber risk regimes

The latest NCSC/Charity Digital News webinar will help charities define and plan their cyber risk management strategies according to Government guidelines.

Chloe Green | 7th May 19
Standing Guard From Cyber Attacks

Charity Digital News is hosting a free webinar for charities in partnership with the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) designed to help charities plan an effective cyber security policy for their organisation.

The webinar will be hosted an 9th May at 1PM and is the third in the series of exclusive learning sessions for charities (you can catch the last two episodes here).

Charities can learn about how guidance from the Government’s ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ should shape their cyber risk management regimes, with practical tips and advice on planning, communicating and implementing the polices they need to keep cyber risk at bay.

Click here to catch up on ‘Cyber Security: Setting up your charity’s risk management regime’

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