Digital street campaign encourages everyday walking

A new digital street campaign aims to get people walking and raise awareness of the street environment.

Chloe Green | 2nd May 19
Image of person walking in trainers

A new digital street campaign has been launched to encourage local residents to walk more and make streets safer.

The campaign, ‘Walk this May’ celebrates National Walking Month and is run by walking campaign group Living Streets – an organisation which works to encourage ‘everyday walking’ by improving the walking environment and inspiring people to take to the streets.

As part of the May campaign, Living Streets will be working with InLinkUK – a BT-supported company which replaces phone boxes with standing touchscreen devices which provide ultrafast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging, maps and information. Link UK will be showcasing images and messages of those getting involved to encourage others to join the campaign.

Various groups will be targeted by the charity as part of the initiative to get them walking, including the older generation. Walking can help to combat loneliness and isolation by providing opportunities to stop and chat and with an ageing society in the UK, the campaign aims to support them in creating spaces that are safe and enjoyable for all.

YouGov statistics have found that walking in the UK has been in decline and it has now been revealed that nearly one in three (31%) of over 65s are prevented from walking on their local streets because of cracked pavements.

Nearly two thirds of over 65s (60%) are worried about poor pavements, with air quality, traffic speeds and pavement parking also amongst concerns.

Tanya Braun, Head of Policy and Communications at Living Streets said: “We support InLink UK’s commitment to get more people walking. Where they have reduced pavement clutter – giving valuable space back to local communities – we applaud their efforts to make it easier to walk on Britain’s streets.”