How Tech Trust has been bridging charities and digital since 2001

A new graphic reveals how Tech Trust has evolved from its humble beginnings to collaborating with leading tech partners and helping over 38k charities in the UK to save money on tech.

Chloe Green | 25th Apr 19
Tech Trust and Charity Digital News staff talk to delegates and partners at their first Charity Digital Tech Conference in February 2019

So you read a few articles on Charity Digital News, and you might have used some of the tech services for charities from our parent organisation, Tech Trust. But do you really know who we are?

You may not know, for instance, that since 2001 we’ve helped a whopping 38,000 UK charities to save more than £250 million through our donated software platform for charities, partnering with tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services and Google. Or that our origins – not too long ago – are a lot more humble.

Learn about the history of Charity Digital News and Tech Trust by taking a look at the timeline below that shows all our key milestones and a glimpse of what’s down the road.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the full infographic ‘Tech Trust/Charity Digital News: Our Journey, 2001-2020 and Beyond’