Free mental health ‘hack day’ for charities launched

A digital agency is offering charities the chance to win digital development expertise towards their mental health and body image projects.

Chloe Green | 24th Apr 19

A new ‘hack day’ is offering charities over £100,000 in digital agency resources free of charge towards projects around mental health and body image.

Hack for Good, organised by non-profit digital marketing agency Studio Republic, takes place on 17th May in support of Mental Health Awareness week.

The agency invites charities to submit their issues related to body image or helping improve peoples’ relationships with their bodies. Five charities will be chosen and teams of experts from will try to ‘hack’ a digital solution to each problem in one day.

After the creative problem solving day, the projects will be made available as Open Source technology which any charities and organisations will be able to harness.

Chris Todhunter, Founder and Director at Studio Republic said: “The greatest thing about Hack for Good is that it brings agencies together who would usually compete against each other. That’s something you don’t see very often in our industry, and it’s all for the greater good!”

To support the agency teams, Studio Republic is also looking for students from local universities who will join the agency teams for the day.

To find out more and to submit your problem, go to the web page here.