Debt charities rebrand to boost online presence

Capitalise’s move to become Debt Free London aims to improve its search engine profile and also included a revamp of its website

Joe Lepper | 17th Apr 19

A partnership of 26 debt charities is rebranding to improve its online presence and help people more easily find it through search engines.

Capitalise, a London wide partnership of charities, is to rebrand as Debt Free London from 23 April.

It is hoped the new name will help it become a more obvious destination for people searching for advice online.

The rebrand will also see its website revamped to make it simpler for users.

An online social media campaign, on Facebook and Instagram, as well as advertising on public transport will also take place to promote its services.

“Debt is not only one of Londoners biggest problems, causing misery for hundreds of thousands, there is a stigma around debt which means many people are reluctant to find help, or can’t find it at all,” said Matt Dronfield, Head of the Debt Free London partnership.

“This change of brand to Debt Free London and our new advertising campaign will make it much easier for Londoners to find help and show them that they are not alone with their debt worries, and that help is readily at hand.”

Money and Pensions Service funding

The partnership is funded by the Money and Pensions Service, the government body that was introduced at the beginning of the year to unify a number of advice services including Pensions Wise and the Money Advice Service.

“It is important that people who are struggling with debt are able to access free, independent and high-quality debt advice,” said Money and Pension Service Director Caroline Siarkiewicz.

“We are pleased to continue working with Debt Free London, which provides people with the advice they need to take back control of their finances.”

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