Youth charity moves its phones to the cloud

An overhaul of communications has seen Merseyside Youth Association switch to a cloud based phone system to reduce costs and also get ahead of BT’s ISDN switch off in 2025.

Joe Lepper | 16th Apr 19

A youth charity has moved to a cloud-based phone system to cut costs and improve the quality of calls.

The Merseyside Youth Association had been using a traditional combination of a private branch exchange (PBX), which is a private telephone network within an organisation, and intergrated services digital network (ISDN), which transmits video and data as well as voice.

As part of an overhaul of its communications it has now adopted the ISTRA cloud system, that has been developed by communications firm Centile.

The charity says that since the switch to a cloud based system call costs have reduced and the quality of calls has improved.

ISDN switch off

In addition, the move ensures the charity is prepared for BT’s termination of ISDN, which is to be switched off by 2025.

MYA Technical/Communications and Support Services Administrator Michael Hines says that the new set up is also more flexible.

“For instance, when there are staff changes, I simply log in to the web portal – from wherever I am – and simply reallocate a phone to the new user,” he said.

“With the old system, I would have had to gone down to the comms room to make the change.  Even someone with limited technical knowledge would be able to use the system with some basic training.”

The cloud based phone system is provided by Pace Telecom, who also step in should there be a problem with the broadband line, says Hines.

“Reliability of the service is very good and if we ever have an issue with the broadband line, we make a quick call to Pace and they will instantly divert calls for us so that we don’t have any interruption to the service,” adds Hines.