Staff cafe gets contactless charity donation point

FareShare South West is looking to make corporate giving easier by linking up with a local firm to place contactless donation points in its staff café.

Joe Lepper | 16th Apr 19

A charity is boosting corporate giving by placing a contactless donation point in a local firm’s staff cafe.

FareShare South West, which redistributes surplus food from the food industry, has linked up with legal firm Osborne Clarke to place the contactless donation device in its staff café.

The aim is to make it easy and affordable for staff to give to charity.

The charity says that previous attempts at boosting giving among corporate employees through payroll giving have not been successful.

Alternative to payroll giving

“Our corporate partnerships, such as the one with Osborne Clarke, are so important to us and allow us to continue to redistribute good, in-date surplus food to the most vulnerable across the region, said FareShare South West Chief Executive Julian Mines.

“We’re always keen to make the most of these opportunities. In the past we’ve had a ‘payroll giving’ set up, which allows employees to donate directly from their monthly pay.

“However, the uptake for this has been minimal as there is a certain level of ‘form-filling’ and organisation involved. Having a centrally located, visible contactless donation point with a small set amount already programmed onto it has enabled many to quickly and easily give to us.

“We’ve had great feedback from Osborne Clarke employees too, as individuals are pleased to be able to do something good on their lunch break with ease and contribute towards a cause which they are now increasingly aware of and invested in.”

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