New eBook launched on gaining supporters through digital

Seven experts on UK charities share their digital fundraising strategies in a new eBook from Blackbaud.

Chloe Green | 16th Apr 19
Image shows charity supporters in a fundraising race

Click here to download the free eBook ‘npInsights 2019: Expanding Your Supporter Base Through Digital Innovation

Seven experts on the UK’s non-profit sector have shared their thoughts on how new digital technology can help grow support for charities in a free eBook: npInsights 2019: Expanding Your Supporter Base Through Digital Innovation.

The eBook, produced by charity software partner Blackbaud Europe, explores themes from social media best practice, to digital marketing, ‘gaming for social good’ and virtual events – including a case study of how Alzheimer Research UK’s Running Down Dementia virtual event raised over £900,000 across three years.

Each of the eBook’s seven chapters has been contributed by a different expert on the UK’s philanthropic sector, bringing together the thoughts of charity leaders and consultants with Blackbaud Europe and JustGiving’s in-house fundraising and software expertise.


Fundraising opportunities

Now in its third year, Blackbaud Europe’s npInsights eBook series brings together the thoughts of UK fundraising experts on the topics shaping modern philanthropy. Previous editions have explored how organisations can embed a culture of fundraising at all levels of their organisation, and what impact and opportunities GDPR presents to the UK’s charitable sector.

Speaking on the release of the eBook Casper Harratt, Blackbaud Europe’s Director of Marketing, said “Digital transformation is a phrase that simultaneously evokes feeling of both importance and impenetrable jargon. How much should charitable organisations know about what it means for them?”

“That’s why we asked a series of experts from the sector for their views on what exactly digital transformation is, and what its impact will be on the sector.

“Excitingly our experts agree that, despite sounding complicated, digital transformation could bring some really simple solutions to problems we’ve all faced – like missing out on fundraising opportunities because your team just isn’t big enough.

“We’ve pulled all their advice together in our latest eBook to help explain how digital innovation can help organisations expand their supporter base in 2019.”

Read the full eBook for free here


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