WaterAid launches its first Alexa voice skill

The skill will offer the public the chance to hear about the communities in Madagasar that are being supported by Water Aid.

Joe Lepper | 12th Apr 19
Image of Amazon Echo

Global sanitation charity WaterAid has created its first Alexa skill to give the public a greater understanding of its work.

The Alexa skill has been created by consultancy Hi Mum! Said Dad and will offer listeners the chance to hear stories of the places and people that WaterAid supports across the world.

The aim is to develop a more personal realtionship between the charity and its audience.

The content of WaterAid Voices features a letter from the village of Tarafangitra in Madagascar looking at issues such as food, music, wildlife as well as water and hygiene. In Madagascar nearly half of its 24 million population do not have access to safe drinking water and almost nine out of ten people (88%) do not have access to proper sanitation.

Mixing humour with education

Its style combines humour with education about the consequences for communities without clean water.

“At WaterAid, we know that digital experiences that can engage and build empathy will help achieve our vision – a world where clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere,” said Daniel Gray, the charity’s Digital Content and Experience Lead.

“WaterAid Voices is an innovation that not only brings supporters closer to the incredible impact that aid has, but provides real value for users, allowing them to develop skills and knowledge in an accessible way.

“The interactivity and immersion that voice technology allows for opened up new creative avenues, and to tell a story in a whole new way.”

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