Online safety organisation links up with video firm

Internet Matters and TikTok will collaborate on a range of online safety resources and content

Joe Lepper | 10th Apr 19

Tech industry led not-for-profit Internet Matters has linked up with short-form video firm TikTok to run a campaign to help keep families safe online.

The partnership will see the two organisations target families about the importance of ‘digital wellbeing’ and addressing issues such as online peer pressure.

This will include providing practical tools for parents, schools and online users to keep them safe online.

The move follows work by TikTok on a Safer Internet Day initiative called #BetterMeBetterInternet to encourage a safe online environment. More than 1.6 users from 14 countries took part in the campaign.

TikTok has also already launched a video series called ‘You’re in control’ to raise awareness among users about online options and settings to help improve their safety.

Online safety

Internet Matters Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Bunting said: “Parents regularly tell us they feel their child has a superior knowledge of the latest apps and new technologies. They want to know more about what positive steps they can take to keep their children safe in the digital world.

“Working in partnership with TikTok can ensure that we provide the very best advice and support for families when they need it most.”

Internet Matters is a tech industry members body that provides online safety resources to parents, carers and educational professionals. It is also working with the Duke of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.

Patrick Nommensen, Global Public Policy Lead at TikTok, added: “We are excited to join Internet Matters in this industry collaboration. Promoting a safe and positive experience is TikTok’s top priority since the very beginning and we will continue to raise awareness around important issues including online safety and digital wellbeing.”

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