Mental health charity offers text support

Users of Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope act will be able to link up directly with a Crisis Text Line volunteer for support.

Joe Lepper | 9th Apr 19
Image shows phone with messaging smashed on the ground

Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope app already signposts mental health support and includes a “talk now” button, for users to be contacted directly with a Samaritans volunteer.

The charity has now linked up with global text support service Crisis Text Line to offer app users the option to seek help via text.

Users of the mental health data base app wanting to access Crisis Text Line support are urged to text HOPE to 85258.

Turbulent time for mental health support

Chasing the Stigma Founder Jake Mills said: “During this turbulent time for mental health services, in which those seeking help face waiting months on waiting lists or struggle to get a GP appointment to discuss their situation in the first place, this crisis line will offer a much-needed lifeline for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn.”

Chasing the Stigma offers support for a range of mental health issues including bullying, abuse, relationship breakdown, anxiety and suicide.

The free to use Hub of Hope app, which is downloadable on iOS and Android devices, was launched 18 months ago and has already supported more than 28,000 people through signposting local support.

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