Top spring tech donations for charities – part 2

We showcase some of the best donated software currently on the Charity Digital Exchange platform for eligible UK charities.

Chloe Green | 2nd Apr 19

Now that April is here, we’ve rounded up some of the best donated software deals for charities looking to refresh their IT and spring into the year ahead. Part one of the series looked at event management, productivity software and IBM refurbished hardware deals. This time we take a look at some more little-known software bargains for charities from cyber security to collaboration and data presentation.

All of these donations can be found on Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Exchange catalogue for registered UK charities. Once signed up to the platform, you have access to the donations below and only pay an admin fee. Be aware, though, that different vendors have different criterea for the kinds of non-profit organisations who are eligible for their specific scheme.

Take a look at the list below.



What is it? How can it help my charity?

Tableau is software aimed at helping people understand and present data. Organisations with minimal experience can take advantage of powerful features for creating graphs, dashboards and other visual representations of data, from databases, spreadsheets and other sources.

Data visualisation software like this can be useful if you have data that you want to create into an easily digestible impact report for a funding application or as a way to internally identify and predict service needs in a clearly understandable way.

What’s the offer?

Eligible charities can get free a 2-year subscription to Tableau through the Boost programme, as part of a yearly subscription bundle that also includes products such as Box and Amazon Web Services Credits. Take a look at the deal here for more information.

What is it? How can it help my charity?

Box is an online file-sharing, content management and collaboration service. Organisations can use it to share and edit files from any device and securely store them in the cloud, with lots of extra features around automatic syncing, reviewing in real-time, setting up comments and tasks and accessing your content in other applications such as Microsoft Office and Google, all in one platform.

If you have lots of staff and volunteers coming and going in different locations, Box is ideal because you can securely keep everything in the cloud and set access permissions for different people without worrying about anyone viewing or sharing sensitive information they shouldn’t.

What’s the offer?

The donation provides ten perpetual user licenses for Box Starter Edition which do not expire or need to be renewed (charities just pay a £68 admin fee). On a normal Starter Edition plan, companies pay £4 a month per user, which adds up to £480 a year for ten.

You can also can access as part of a Boose subscription, bundled together with some other deals – learn more about the Boost programme here.



What is it? How can it help my charity?

DocuSign is a web-based service that allows you to upload and send documents for electronic signature. It’s incredibly simple to send documents to be signed by anyone (whether or not they have the software themselves), eliminating the need to take time and money sending paper documents for the numerous forms that many charities have to get signed.

Used in-app or web browser, charities can view, download and print documents from any device, store wherever you want, whether in DocuSign’s own cloud or your own file-sharing platform, and leave helpful tags to show what needs to be signed where. The software also allows you to keep track of everything that has or hasn’t been signed in a dashboard.

What’s the offer?

The Charity Digital Exchange offer provides a perpetual subscription to DocuSign Standard Edition for one user, which allows them to send up to 100 documents a year. Eligible charities pay just an admin fee of £72 (usually £240 per year). See the catalogue page for details.



What is it? How can it help my charity?

Brand new on the Charity Digital Exchange programme, Frontier offers mobile phone and tablet data services with special charity tariffs on data and handsets.

They also offer Mobile Device Management that allows organisations to take full control of any mobile devices they equip staff and volunteers with in the field. The software allows you keep any mobile equipment configured and updated to the right standards, with the right apps and any appropriate tracking.

What’s the offer?

Eligible charities can get hold of 5GB of data for £9.50 with unlimited minutes and texts (without a handset) or £12.95 for 5GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, and a free handset. There are also tablet deals available that include an Alcatel Tab 38T. See the page for more information.