Digital Code of Practice free e-learning modules launch

The joint initiative between the code’s chair Zoe Amar and the Cornwall Museums Partnership offers charities an introduction to the code and a chance to apply its principles to their organisation.

Joe Lepper | 1st Apr 19
Image shows people making notes from a laptop on a notebook

The author of the Charity Digital Code of Practice has teamed up with the Cornwall Museums Partnership to create an e-learning project.

Zoe Amar, who is Chair of the Charity Digital Code of Practice, has partnered with the west of England charity to create two e-learning modules to help organisations use the code to improve their digital capabilities.

Both are available on the Cornwall Museums Partnership’s website.

The first module offers charities an introduction to the code, looking at current digital challenges facing charities, quick insights into the code and how it can help the sector to thrive.

The second module looks at the code’s principles in more detail and invites charities to think how they can be applied to their organisation. Areas covered include leadership, culture, strategy, skills, managing risks and adaptability.

Leadership quiz

A ‘leadership quiz’ is also included, which offers a range of statements about leadership with participants asked to judge whether they are true or false.

The code was launched in November last year by a sector wide group headed by Amar and funded by Lloyds Banking Group and the Co-op Foundation.

It was shaped through a consultation of 171 charity representatives, 60% of whom said they wanted to increase their digital skills.

Versions for large and small charities, operating on tight budgets, have been produced.

A Charity Digital Code Quick Assessment Tool has also been launched to further help charities improve their digital capabilities. This has been created by digital fundraisers Hubbub and Digital Collective, a group of digital specialists who work within the charity World Vision UK.