3 charity videos on how to do digital ‘like a boss’

In our round up of March’s charity digital leadership webinars, three charity digital leaders share their advice and answer audience questions.

Chloe Green | 28th Mar 19

March was leadership month at Charity Digital News, and we were proud to host three exclusive free webinars from three quite different leaders of digital change in the charity sector: Zoe Amar, Penny Power and Carolyn Nutkins.

Each webinar explored a different aspect of being a successful charity digital leader and concluded with a live Q and A.

Read on to watch the videos below.


1: Zoe Amar ‘the 7 Lessons of Digital Leadership’

Who is Zoe Amar?

If you are involved in digital in the charity sector, she hardly needs an introduction. Director of marketing and digital consultancy Zoe Amar Digital, Zoe’s dedicated to driving the digital agenda in the charity sector as the chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice, co-author of The Charity Digital Skills Report and co-founder of the Social CEOs awards.

What did we learn from her webinar?

  • The seven secrets of great digital leadership and why it’s fundamental to the Charity Digital Code of Practice.
  • The changing nature of leadership, and how to ensure your leadership style is fit for purpose in the modern world by moving away from the traditional ‘command and control’ model
  • Great examples of leaders in sector, from charities both small and large who are ‘doing stuff brilliantly’, including Age UK, Mind and YouthLink UK.
  • The framework that Zoe uses with charity leaders to assess their leadership skills.
  • The personal qualities and soft skills as well as technical abilities you need.

What viewer questions did she answer?

Q: When you have really small team how are you identifying your priorities? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by number of channels on social media for example. Is it better to have little presence but everywhere or strong presence but on one channel only?

Q: We are a small charity, with no staff. We want to get more digital within the board, any advice on how we can recruit a digital trustees?

Q: What one technology/application have you seen make the most difference to a charity?


2: Penny Power ‘Digital leadership for non-technical leaders’

Who is Penny Power?

Best known for building Ecademy, a precursor to LinkedIn, back in 1998, Penny has an incredibly 35 years in IT business under her belt, and in 2014 recieved an OBE ‘for contribution to entrepreneurship in the Social Digital Economy.’ She currently directs her own company ‘Social Power Ltd’ and has recently authored her first book ‘Business is Personal: Be the Leader of Your Own Life and Business’.

What does she have to teach charities?

  • How to tell your story to make people want to give their time and money for your charity, without getting bogged down in task and process.
  • Examples from Penny’s own charities Victoria’s Promise and RASAAC.
  • Understanding different styles of communication and working within your organisation, using the IMA system to map the right people to the tasks that need to be done in your organisation, to ensure you’re most productivity out of staff and volunteers.
  • The critical skills and productivity tools charities need.
  • How to build your brand, find and gather up your tribe, and find the right community for engagement.

What viewer questions did she answer?

Q: With all the tools out there, how can a digital leader decipher which tools are best for them?

Q: What are your tips to stay up to date with all the new things in the digital world?

Q: Is there still a need to recruit specialist digital roles or teams, now that every role is digital?


3: Carolyn Nutkins, Parkinsons ‘Developing a modern workforce – managing successful charity digital transformation’

Who is Carolyn Nutkins?

Carolyn has spent over 11 years at Parkinsons UK, initially as a HR professional, then in learning, volunteering and internal communiciations and facilities, and now as Director of Organisational Development. Digital soon became a huge part of her role as it has become central to the way the charity operates, and key to how they provide support to over 147,000 affected by parkinsons.

What are her lessons for charities?

  • How Parkinsons UK’s digital transformation programme has helped them become an organisation that thrives in the digital era.
  • Implementing digital transformation using a needs-based model.
  • How the charity tracked their maturity and set their targets using the digital maturity model.
  • How they increased organisational skills and confidence in data, drove cultural change and adoption, and delivered the right tools and frameworks.
  • The top ten keys to ‘making digital everyone’s job.’

What viewer questions did she answer?

Q: What do you do if your IT director isn’t very interested or invested in digital or the broader opportunities?

Q: What online platform have you used and what difference as digital made to your fundraising?

Q: How much of the IT estate has been reduced by the programme?