Charity film gives voice to marginalised communities

The film is part of a research project by charity groups in Edinburgh looking at how best to support disenfranchised people in the city.

Joe Lepper | 25th Mar 19

A charity research project has released a promotional video to raise awareness of issues such as social isolation and mental health among marginalised groups in Edinburgh.

The film has been released on social media to highlight research being carried out by the Mind the Craic project, which is being run by Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council (EVOC), alongside Volunteer Edinburgh and Edinburgh’s Third Sector Strategy Group.

Featured in the film are those in Edinburgh who are accessing charity support and are affected by challenging issues including discrimination, loneliness and mental health problems.

The film release coincides with the release of a report by Mind the Craic, which has gathered the views of 1,000 disenfranchised Edinburgh citizens. Issues raised include the importance of prevention and early intervention support in communities to tackle problems such as social isolation before they escalate.

“Mind the Craic is about giving a voice to people who usually struggle to be heard,” said Mind the Craic Project Worker Virginia Bjertnes.

“It also highlights how communities have been affected by austerity policies, and also how some demographic groups are particularly affected by inequalities such as women, young people, black and minority ethnic and LGBTQ+ people.

“We hope that the findings presented will not only raise awareness and influence change but also provide the tools needed by public, private and voluntary sector organisations to improve prevention and early intervention measures.”

Social isolation a huge problem

Ella Simpson, EVOC Chief Executive added: “This research is about listening to people. Feeling lonely and isolated is the biggest problem facing people of all ages not just in Edinburgh but across the western world.

“Having somewhere safe and welcoming to go to is a fundamental human need. Mind the Craic has listened to people and reports what has worked for them.

“It’s a testament to how valued people have felt throughout this research that they now feel confident and want to share their stories further.”