Digital leaders get real about charity digital change – video

A panel of charity digital leaders shared some honest insight from their experiences bringing in digital change to charities, in our video from the Charity Digital Tech Conference.

Chloe Green | 21st Mar 19
Image shows the panel discussion at the Charity Digital Tech Conference 2019

At this year’s Charity Digital Tech Conference, no question was too tricky to be tackled on the panel floor.

If you missed the day itself, join Paul Swift, Age UK; Duncan Brown, Shift Design; Audree Fletcher and Fiona Dawe as they share their (extensive) collective experience of change management in the charity sector – what has worked, what hasn’t, and how to get staff happily on the journey to making a real impact with digital.

While nobody has all the answers, they were keen to share their honest, on-the-spot advice from those who have been there and know that digital success is not just a case of waving a magic wand – it has to work with the real people and processes already in your organisation.

Watch the video below to catch up on the discussion.


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