Air ambulance charity preps online and TV fundraising push

Agency WPN Chameleon has been hired by London’s Air Ambulance Charity to highlight the service’s life saving work and appeal for donations.

Joe Lepper | 20th Mar 19

London’s Air Ambulance Charity is to launch an online and TV fundraising campaign to mark its 30th anniversary this year.

The fundraising push is being developed by creative agency WPN Chameleon (WPNC) and based on the results of a stakeholder event looking at the work of the air ambulance in supporting critically injured patients in the capital.

The campaign will launch in the spring on TV and across social media, targeting London residents as well as those who have links with the capital and want to show their support to the charity.

“We’re excited about the ad hitting TV screens to help us reach a new and wider audience and raise awareness of our charity,” said Louise Robertshaw, Director of Marketing and Fundraising at London’s Air Ambulance Charity.

“We hope people will be inspired to support us so we can continue to deliver our life-saving service for the people of London.”

Tackling misconceptions

Key messages will be to show the life-saving work of the crew and counter a misconception that the organisation is publicly funded. Each crew consists of a senior doctor and paramedic team.

Hannah Williams, Client Services Director at WPN Chameleon, added: “We’re excited to be working with London’s Air Ambulance Charity, celebrating its 30th year of providing life-saving care.

“Every day, five people are so seriously injured that treatment can’t wait until they get to hospital.

“London’s Air Ambulance Charity races to the scene to help more people survive devastating injuries. But one of the biggest challenges it faces is that people just don’t know it is a charity: so we’re going to help change that.”

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