Parkinsons UK launches free digital transformation webinar

Carolyn Nutkins will talk through Parkinsons UK’s large scale digital transformation and how they kept staff and volunteers at its heart.

Chloe Green | 8th Mar 19

On Wednesday 13th March, Carolyn Nutkins, Director of Organisational Development at Parkinsons UK will be joining Charity Digital News for an exclusive free webinar for charities, ‘People first: how to manage a successful charity digital transformation.’

Over a lunch break, Nutkins will explain how Parkinsons UK was able to go from low confidence in digital and outdated infrastructure to award-winning digital service delivery, over a three year period.

The webinar is a unique chance for charities to learn and ask questions from a leading digital charity. Nutkins will talk viewers through how the charity was able to maximise the potential of their digital assets while ensuring the needs and wellbeing of 500+ staff and more than 4,000 volunteers were kept at the heart of the project, all with practical tips for how charities can do the same.

Catch up on the webinar ‘People first: how to manage a successful charity digital transformation’ led by Carolyn Nutkins, Parkinsons UK.

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