Online video to help street children’s sporting dreams

The video aims to make the sporting dreams of a group of street children from Bangladesh come true.

Joe Lepper | 5th Mar 19

A music video is being promoted online to help a group of street children from Bangladesh take part in a global cricket tournament taking place in the UK next month.

UK charity Friends of Street Children Bangladesh have teamed up with Bangladeshi organisation Leedo to promote the video which aims to help a group of homeless children they have been working with to attend the Street Child United Children’s Cricket World Cup.

The video is available on Youtube and is being promoted by Friends of Street Children Bangladesh in the UK via their social media channels.

Raising awareness and funds

It features the children bidding for sporting glory together with Bangladeshi band Shunno and aims to raise awareness of the issues facing children living on the streets. It has also been produced to raise money to help the group travel to the tournament, which takes place in London and Cambridge from 30 April.

“We hope that this music video will reach a large audience and help to create a positive view of the potential of children surviving on the streets,” said Mike Sherriff, Chairperson of Friends of Street Children Bangladesh.

“We hope that it will help to bring about changes that will create a better future for the children. It is great that the popular band Shunno, worked with the children directly to produce the video.”

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