NCSC to host ‘next steps’ charity cyber security webinar

The second charity cyber security webinar from NCSC will delve into the simple, inexpensive actions charities should be taking to protect their data.

Chloe Green | 1st Mar 19

Charity Digital News is partnering with NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) to host the second in the series of free educational webinars for charities.

The webinar ‘5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security’ focuses on free, low-cost and simple steps that all charities can make to keep their data and service users protected.

The first webinar of this series gave an overview of the type of cyber threats facing charities and the potential consequences for charities.

The series will continue to build on these foundational steps to ensure charities of all sizes understand what they should be doing to stay secure.

Catch up on the webinar, ‘5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security’ 

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