Dos and don’ts when applying for charity digital jobs

We highlight some of the key things to remember when applying for your next digital role in the charity sector.

Guest Writer | 1st Mar 19
Image shows CVs being handed through a computer screen

This article was written by Louis Eastwell, Senior Consultant at Prospectus – one of the UK’s leading recruitment specialists for the nonprofit industry. Founded in 1956, Prospectus places over 2,000 people a year across all levels in their ideal role.

Digital may not be a new concept, but what is new and constantly evolving is the way in which you can access more information, learn new skills, and find and apply for your dream job at the click of a button.

However, with this ease comes stronger competition, especially in the jobs market. Whether you are looking to take the first step of your digital career, start managing a transformative digital project or perhaps step into a leadership position, we have highlighted some do’s and don’ts to follow when applying for your new role in a digital market.



Do keep your CV short and succinct

If it is a popular position, organisations can receive hundreds of applications. Make sure your CV is tailored and concise including only the relevant information for that position. Use the person specification to guide you on exactly what you should include – and what to leave out. This blog post from The Balance Careers gives some tips on concise CVs.

Do build your own brand

Employers have easy access to more information than ever before, so think about how you are representing yourself (professionally and personally) on all of your different channels: Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook.

This also works the other way; you have the opportunity to research the company’s channels. If you want to go one-step further you can have a look at the team members the role sits with and even the people that you may meet at interview stage.

Do use your network 

If you are looking to make that move to a new role but cannot find opportunities using the usual platforms, then utilise your own networks. Social media is a powerful tool and you get real-time responses – you never know what might come from putting the word out there.

Do give real examples and links to your work                    

Are you a fundraising professional that has overseen several projects, or a developer that has redesigned websites? Link to these examples and create a portfolio of your work to really show employers just how creative you are.

If you have specialist and in demand skills on different platforms, programmes and are confident in your ability with relevant tools and systems, make sure you have these on display!

Do use specialist channels and job boards           

There are so many channels for you to find opportunities, but if you are looking for a very specific role in a niche sector, then do your research and find the different channels available.

Specialist job boards such as Charity Digital Jobs bring you all the exciting digital opportunities specifically within the charity sector.



Don’t use fancy formats              

Employers will want to access information as quickly as they can, so stick to an accessible format. If you want to evidence your creative work then make sure it’s only the information that is relevant for the role, and only include imagery and infographics if it serves a purpose.

Don’t use the same application for every role

It can be time-consuming when applying for roles however it is worth putting the time in, never submit a generic application.

Ensure you research the organisation, their values and the culture, alongside the role itself. This will come through in your application and will effectively show that you are invested in the opportunity.

Don’t rush your applications

Try not to rush your applications. If you are applying directly and not through an agency, take your time to complete it with all the information they ask for. If you rush it, you are at risk of making some grammar and spelling mistakes, so ask someone else to look over your application.


Looking for your next charity digital job online? Take a look at Charity Digital Jobs, a new platform by Charity Digital and charity recruitment specialists Prospectus that is continually updated with hand-picked charity sector digital roles.