Children from Ghana star in charity’s online campaign

A group of children from a village in Ghana helped produce and star in an online campaign from Plan International UK to boost donations.

Joe Lepper | 27th Feb 19

Children’s rights charity Plan International UK has launched a digital campaign starring some of the young people it supports.

The video is being screened on TV and across social media including Youtube. It was produced by creative agency WPN Chameleon, who spent a week with Plan International UK representatives filming in Ghana with a group of children aged between five and 14,  who are sponsored by the charity’s donors.

Production of the documentary style video, called See for Yourself, involved the children given handheld video cameras to capture scenes in their village and in their home. The children were also involved in planning meetings for the video.

Children involved explain in the video how sponsorship has improved the village school, water supply and health provision and ends with a call to action for viewers to help support more children globally.

Alan Gosschalk, Fundraising Director at Plan International UK, said: “The children were very excited to be part of the decision-making process and tell the story of how sponsorship has helped their community. That joy comes through in the films.”

Making a difference

A key to the films are to show the difference that donations can make to children’s lives across the world. A behind the scenes video of the making the advert has also been published online.

All camera equipment has been left with the charity’s representatives in Ghana to allow children to continue to take footage for future campaigns.

“Giving children a voice is a core value for Plan International UK. We believe letting the kids own the ad is a first for the charity sector,” said WPNC Director of TV & Film, Maria Phillips.

“Seeing the work that money raised can be used for, through the children’s eyes, has created what we hope is a feel-good, authentic campaign.”

Phillips added: “It was a brilliant experience, a great pleasure to be part of the community for a week. The campaign is a step-change for us as an agency, as well as Plan International UK. It’s brave to try something different but we think it can be effective. We’re really proud of it and we hope people will enjoy watching it and want to sponsor more children.”