Military charity revamps online membership

The Military Vehicle Trust is improving its membership system to make the application process easier and faster.

Joe Lepper | 21st Feb 19
(l-r) Angela Brown (Mid-Lancs MVT Secretary), Peter Proctor and Simon Johnson (MVT Chairman)

Tech firm Novacroft has been drafted in by the Military Vehicle Trust to improve its membership system.

The Military Vehicle Trust has overhauled its online membership system to make the application process easier and faster.

Under the new system membership cards can be despatched within 24 hours rather than within three weeks prior to the revamp.

The overhaul has been carried out with support from tech firm Novacroft, which will also send out membership cards from its own production bureau.

The first membership card issued under the new system was for Peter Proctor, a 98-year-old former Hurricane pilot who served during World War II.

The new system also enables members to manage their information online and will reduce the costs involved in producing cards.

Ensuring the new system is in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has been key and the charity says the move will reduce the risk of data breaches.

Getting to grips with personal data

“We are a charity run by volunteers with a rising membership base. To be able to grow, it has been important for us to get to grips with the increasing demands of handling personal data, running the membership database and the timely delivery of membership cards,” said Military Vehicle Trust Chairman Simon Johnson.

He added:”With the new system up and running, the Trust can continue to grow knowing that the membership system will be able to cope well into the future.”

Novacroft Founder and Chief Executive Officer Debra Charles added: “In an increasingly digital age, innovation is the way forward for charities.

“I love innovation – its ability to have a positive impact on people’s lives is an amazing thing. At Novacroft, we’re on a mission to help charities to be ‘fit for the future’ by embracing technology. Making a difference to Peter, and many others like him, is what’s driving us.”

The Military Vehicle Trust is the world’s largest and oldest military vehicle club, with more than 5,000 members.