Safety charity overhauls website

The revamp of Electrical Safety First’s website aims to make it easier for people to check whether the appliances they use are safe.

Joe Lepper | 20th Feb 19
Image shows someone using electrical equipment and plugs

Electrical Safety First has revamped its website to help the public better understand the risks associated with electrical equipment and products.

The redesign has been handled by digital agency Absurd and includes improved navigation to key areas of interest including product recalls.

It also features a product registration function to help users identify if any of their own electrical appliances have encountered defects.

Other features flagged up on its homepage are an electrician search service, listing those who are registered with a government approved scheme.

“Having accumulated a lot of content over the past number of years, the website had become cumbersome. Working with Absurd we were able to prioritise content and realign the website goals,” said Emma Drackford, Head of Marketing at Electrical Safety First.

Content and messaging

Oli Taylor, Co-founder and Design Lead at Absurd, added: “There are a number of motivations and many audience segments which Electrical Safety First must reach.

“The design was informed by a need based, audience ecosystem which the team created in collaboration with Electrical Safety First, which allowed for comprehensive planning of content and messaging.”

Electrical Safety First was set up more than 60 years ago to prevent death, injury and damage caused by electricity through awareness raising campaigns and providing expert opinion.

It also works with government and industry to improve safety through policy and practices.

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